Control Your Company's Healthcare Spending

Chances are that your healthcare budget takes more out of your bottom line every year. It's frustrating: up to 75% of that spending is due to the treatment of chronic conditions that could be prevented or managed through behavior modification by your most at-risk employees. They would feel better and your healthcare spending would go down - a classic win-win. But change is difficult.

We Make Better Health Easier to Achieve

Our PhIT Platform gives you the ability to motivate and support your employees so that they achieve the changes that improve their health and reduce your healthcare costs. Your employees will have easy to use, customized web portals so that they know what to do, when to do it, and how they will be rewarded as they achieve their goals. And because we track results for you, you will know exactly how much money your wellness programs have saved your company.

Through Active Health Management of modifiable risks, you will successfully...